Dear Customers:   Once again winter is upon us and it's time to keep those walkways and driveways free from slick ice. Please check out all of our products made to reduce your risk of slipping and sliding during this chilly season.  Also, please look at our products made to insure that your machinery also makes it through the cold winter season, free of cracks and breaks, so common due to continually low temperatures. 

~NEW~ GRAND H.S.  ACRYLIC POLYMER high solids crystal clear floor finish, superior gloss, extremely durable hard film protection with fewer coats; superb heel mark and scuff resistance; low maintenance, slip resistant, will not darken or discolor floors.

~NEW~ GRAFIX SG ATA  NON-TOXIC BIODEGRADABLE BIO-SOLVENTS FROM RENEWABLE RESOURCES removes almost everything from almost anything!  Permanent marker, ball point ink, printer toner, crayon, scuff marks, adhesive residue, pencil marks, spray paint, felt tip ink, decals, nail polish, heel marks, tire marks

AIR-MATE SOLVENTIZED RESTORER for no-rinse spray cleaning of coils, fins, fans, motors, etc., quickly and safely dissolves greasy soils, dirt, tobacco residue and more.  Quick evaporation rate and non-conductive to 37,OOOkva.

BIO-MATE FOAM FACTORED COIL CLEANER a new bio-enzyme no-rinse formula for coils, fins, condensate pans and drain lines.  A powerful spray with deep cleaning foam, penetrates and liquefies dirt, grease, lint, tobacco residue, etc.  The bio-enzymes contained in Bio-Mate are particularly effective in removing mold and fungus as well as odors while treating the condensate pan and drain enhanced with a light, pleasant fragrance.  360 degree

AIR-WAY CONCENTRATED CLEANER, powerful non-acid, non-foaming concentrated cleaner and brightener.  Deep cleans and brightens dirty, oxidized coils and fins without the use of toxic, dangerous acids.  Increases heat transfer capacity.  Great for cottonwood debris!

AIR-TRON CONDENSATE PAN CLEANER AND MAINTAINER &TREATMENT. Large, solid, free-standing block with a narrow profile to fit virtually any pan/coil configuration.  No troublesome plastic bags, boxes, or tubes to retrieve from pan after use. Removes and prevents mold, sludge, slime from pans and drains.  Eliminates odors and pan overflows due to blockages.  Lasts 3 to 4 months.

HUSKY FOAMING ACID CONCENTRATE a safer acid replacement for hydrofluoric acid.  Apply foam, wait a few minutes and rinse.  Cleans and brightens badly oxidized coils and fins.

SONIX MILD ALKALINE CONCENTRATE for coils, fins, fans, housings, etc.  Excellent for greasy, atmospheric soils.

TRISONATE NO-RINSE CONCENTRATE for coils, fins, pans, etc.  Natural condensate does the rinsing as the unit cycles.  Deep cleans to remove soils safely without the use of harsh caustics or acids.  Ideal for greasy soils, tobacco residue, etc.

No need for HVAC? We manufacture a full line of seasonal maintenance specialties to care for you and your facility.  If you don't see what you need here or simply have a question, send us an e-mail or give us a toll-free call.  Our technical department is here to serve you.

Visit our applications page to see more major tasks our products will help you accomplish.  Call our 1-800 654-1151 number to assess your needs. Click on our products tab and take a look at our other products.  As always, we will continue to bring you the best products available.  Rexford Rand's unconditionally guarantees its products will live up to all their claims.  They are OSHA, U.S.D.A. and when necessary E.P.A. rated, user friendly and economical.  Rexford Rand delivers nation wide and accepts VISA, Mastercard and American Express.      Regards, Kelly

   Our Products

Rexford Rand Corporation has, for more than three generations, manufactured unique custodial systems which have been sold to governments, cities, industries, schools, churches, hotels and other bulk buyers.  Our products include fungicides, germicides and germicidal cleaners.  See our list of products.

Company Profile


Rexford Rand has more than 50 years of formulating and manufacturing experience in the development of environmentally responsible special application chemicals for the maintenance of buildings, facilities and equipment.  The result is a product line high in performance based on state-of-the-art technology.

Over the years, our company has received patents that are the basis of many of our most effective proprietary formulations.  We continue to refine and improve our products to meet the ever changing chemical needs in the marketplace.

Through the vigorous efforts of our Research & Development division, we have successfully produced more efficient products and packaging which today set the standard for our industry.  We make a continuing effort to add to our knowledge of product performance under various environmental and industrial conditions.

Before going to market, each of our products is thoroughly tested by our field staff to meet rigid performance requirements.

Demanding quality control standards that result in product reliability have made us a leader in specialty chemicals.  Rexford Rand products are specified by discriminating maintenance, custodial and sanitary engineers.  Top leaders among the professional users in the industry and institutional management consider them the very finest available.  Their superiority can be measured by their performance.

Reliability of timely delivery is of major importance.  95% of our orders are shipped the very same day or next day.  Our customers are stunned by our service!

Rexford Rand and its staff is dedicated to leadership in the formulation and in the manufacture of its products.

We stand ready to provide professional support.  A team of specialists is available to advise and assist you in the use and application technology of our products.  We welcome your comments and evaluations. 


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Please contact Megan Rice at 1-800-654-1151 for more information regarding our products.

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