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 Extra Strength Citrus/Double Concentrate/Odor Killer
Granulated Freshener-Deodorant Carpet Cleaning Aide
Condensate Treatment/Anti-Clogging Timed Release Condensate Pan Maintainer
Coil and Fin Cleaner
Concentrated Metallic Restorer
Thermal Floor Finish/Detergent Resistant "Wet-Look"
Foamable Acidulate/Biodegradable/Environmentally Safer/Healthier for Personnel
Energized Detergent System/Biodegradable/Foam Factored Concentrate/Use On Any Surface that is not Harmed by Water
Non-Ammoniated Metal Lusterizer
Foamable Carbon Dissolvent/Non-Flammable/No Toxic Fumes
Exothermic Flow Restorer/Disintegrates and Liquefies Clogging Waste Hair-Grease
Exothermic Flow Restorer/Dissolves Scum Cake, Prevents Sticking Floats & Valves, Eliminates Obnoxious Odor Sources, 100% Active Biodegradable Ingredients/Used to Maintain Lift Stations, Grease Traps, Septic Tanks, Laterals, Holding Tanks, Sewer and Drain Lines, Wet Wells, Drain Fields, Sewage Plant Pumping Stations, Trickling Filters
Grease Solvent & Odor Control Concentrate 100% Active Ingredients
Cleaner-Degreaser Concentrate/Industrial Strength/Non-Polluting/Citrus Emulsifier
Dielectric Safety Solvent/Industrial Heavy Duty
All-Purpose Coolant-Lubricant for Cutting and Tapping, Cools Metal Surfaces as described on label
Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo, Cleans, De-Stains, Degreases, Deodorizes/Biodegradable Foam Factored Concentrate/Non-Petroleum, Environmentally Safer, Healthier for Personnel/Dissolves and Removes Dirt, Grease, Oil, Smoke and Its Odor, Coffee, Cola and Other Beverage Spills, Food Residue, Pet Stains, Cosmetics, Grass Stains, and Similar Soils
Foam Factored Butyl/Non-Combustible/Concentrated/Non-Acid/No Hydrocarbons/Odor Free/Phosphate Free
Ded-Sect Formula 2001
Flying and Crawling Insecticide
Penetrates Chicle as well as other Natural and Synthetic Mixtures that make up the Matrix of Chewing Gum
Liquid Lustre Cleaner/Cleaner, Brightener, Lusterizer/High Intensity Spray Cleaner Formulated for Broad Spectrum Multi-Surface Cleaning/ Restores Natural Appearance of Stainless Steel, Mirrors, Display Cases, Plate Glass, Formica, Vinyl, Light Fixtures, Chrome Fixtures, Chandeliers, Vending Machines, File Cabinets, Appliances, Ceramic Tile, Fluorescent Tubes, Plastichrome, Plexiglass, Table Tops
Deo-Bar Blue
Disposable Deodorant Fixture for Toilet and Deep Well Urinals with RR21 with Tone-Tel Color Indicator/Automatic Bowl Maintainer and Deodorizer/Eliminates Malodors at the Source/Hydro-activated with each Flush/Reduces Scale, Metallic Staining, Rust, Urinary Salts, Plumber's Stone and Film Build-Up
Deo-Bar Pink
Disposable Deodorant Fixture for Toilets and Deep Well Urinals with RR21/Automatic Bowl Maintainer & Deodorizer/Eliminates Malodors at the Source/Hydro-activated with each Flush/Reduces Scale, Metallic Staining, Rust, Urinary Salts, Plumber's Stone and Film Build-Up
Super Concentrated Grease Solvent and Odor Control for Waste Systems/Waster Emulsifiable/Eliminates Grease and Scum Problems in Grease Traps, Drains, Septic Tanks, Laterals, Lagoons, Filter Beds, Holding Tanks, Sewer Lines, Wet Wells, Drain Fields, Sewage Plant Pumping Stations, Digesters, Lift Stations, Imhoff Tanks, Trickling Filters
High Intensity Deodorant Granules/Impregnated Granules Radiate Deodorizing Action to Control Mal-Odors by Molecular Neutralization
Osmotic Action, Broad Spectrum Odor Eliminator/Ends the Embarrassment of a Feculent, Putrescent Atmosphere
Deo-Trol Blue
Universal Disposable Combination Urinal Screen & Chemical Complex/Specifically Designed to Dissolve at a Controlled Rate in the Presence of Urine and/or Water/Prevents Build-up of the Combination of Uric Acid Crystals with Minerals Present in Water/100% Active and Safe on All Fixtures and Plumbing
Deo-Trol Pink
Universal Disposable Combination Urinal Screen & Chemical Complex/Retards the Development of Unsightly Scale and Crusts that Emit Unpleasant Mal-Odors/Designed to Dissolve at a Controlled Rate in the Presence of Urine and/or Water/Prevents Build-up of the Combination of Uric Acid Crystals with Minerals Present in Water/100% Active and Safe on All Fixtures and Plumbing
Highly Active Emulsifiable Degreaser/Non-Petroleum
De-Mineralizes, De-Scales, De-Rusts/Highly Concentrated Detergent/Descaler Designed for Rapid and Effective Scale and Sludge Removal from Boilers, Condensers, Water Towers and Any Type Water Processing Equipment. Also for Removal of Scale, Corrosion and Mineral Deposits in Drains, Lines, Coils, Pumps, Steam Generators, Dishwashing Machines and other Equipment Handling Volumes of Water
Detail MC
Concentrated Biodegradable Parts Cleaner/For Parts Washers, Soak Tanks and Spray Application
Super Concentrated Non-Combustible Emulsifier
Anti-Clare Anti-Static Cleaner and Protective Barrier/For Use on Computers, CRT Screens, Computer Key boards, Work Stations, Bar Code Scanners
Foam Powered Total Washroom Care/Foamable
Foamable Surface Restorer/Bulk Economy/No Rinsing Required/Biodegradable
Protective Floor Finish/Slip Resistant, Perfect for High Traffic Areas/Resists Scuff & Heel Marks/ Resists Stains & Chemicals/Detergent Resistant/Restores by Buffing/Highly Resistant to Salt and De-Icing Compounds
Activated Ammoniate Cleaner/Specifically Formulated for Hand Surfaces That Get The Toughest Wear/Chemically Neutralizes Malodors at the Source/Prevents Soil Redeposition/ Defilms/Free Rinsing/Sequesters and Disperses Lime Film/Emulsifies/Leaves No Surface Film
Concentrate Multi-Functional Degreaser Detergent/Biodegradable Surfactants/Phosphate Free/Performs Well in Cold or Hot, Hard or Soft Water
Residual with Dursban/A Combination of Insecticides Offering Residual Kill of Cockroaches for Up to 4 Weeks
Fast Acting Catalytic Enhancer/Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic, Non-Polluting/For superior Dissolution of Obstructing Debris/A Liquid Hydrate Formulated specifically for Addition to Drains Immediately before the Application of Certrin or other Rexford Rand drain line treatments
Primer-Sealer-Restorer/Penetrating Base Coat Color Tone Intensifier/Yields Higher Gloss and Longer Wear/Provides a Smooth, Sealed Base for Floor Wax and Floor Finishes/Protects Asphalts & Rubber Tile, Vinyl, Terrazzo and Concrete Floors/Reduces Amount of Floor Finiah Needed to Recoat/Prevents Color Bleeding
Fast Dry Sealer Finish/Beautifies All Types of Floors/Provides Deep Gloss, Long Wear,, Excellent Recoatability, Extra Years of Floor Life, East of Maintenance/Resists Detergents, Slipping, Scuff & Heel Marks, Stains & Chemicals, Water Spots & Yellowing
Spray-Buff or Mop-On Restorer for "WET-LOOK" Gloss/Lifts Stubborn Soils and Repairs Scratches and Scuffs to Restore Floor and Enhance Its Gloss/Leaves Surface More Slip Resistant than the Original Floor Finish/Prevents Finish Build-Up and Discolored Floors/Hardens Finishes/Dilutes for Greater Economy
Spray-Buff Restorer for "WET-LOOK" Gloss/Balanced Formulation, No Dilution Required, Lifts Stubborn Soils, Repairs Scratches and Scuffs, Restores Floors, Enhances Gloss, Leaves Surface Slip-Resistant, Hardens Finishes
High Intensity Neutral Zone Concentrate/Non-Caustic/Non-Filming/Free Rinsing/No Free Alkali/Biodegradable/Concentrated
Grafix #1
Graffiti Removal Compound/Quick Response Formula/Non-Flammable/Non-Toxic/Non-Polluting
Grafix #3
Graffiti Removal Complex/No Volatile Solvents, No Toxic Fumes, Non-Flammable, Non Fuming, Low Odor/ For Removal of Ball Point Ink, Crayon, Eyeshadow, Felt Tip Ink, Flat Paint, Grease, Grease Paint, Grease Pens, Heel Marks, Ink, Lipstick, Make-up, Acrylic Paint, Oil Spills, Racquet Ball Marks, Roofing Tar, Scuff Marks, Tape Residue, Tire Marks, Wax
Grafix SG ATA
Proprietary blend of non-toxic biodegradable soy and corn based biosolvents from renewable resources.  Formulated for safe, easy and quick removal of the toughest graffiti, marks, mars, adhesive residue, ink, paint, etc.  Removes almost everything from almost anything!
Grand H.S.
High Solids formula provides superior gloss and extremely durable hard film protection with fewer coats.  Specially blended acrylic polymers impart superb heel mark and scuff resistance. Ideal for use in heavy traffic areas such as schools, classrooms, hospitals, clinics, hotels, motels and office buildings.
Granite Glaze
Protective Coating Sealer-Finish/Excellent Chemical Resistance/No Odors or Fumes/Superior Adhesion/Wearability High Gloss/Easy to Apply and Refinish
Condenser Coil Restorer for Renovating and Brightening Exterior Condenser Coils
Exothermic Ice Melter
Liquid Drain Line Opener/Odorless-Non Acid/Phosphate Free/Fast Working/Ready to Use
Instant Melter for Ice and Snow, Prevents Ice Build-Up, Salt Starter, Melting Time Extender/Non-Corrosive as Contains no Chlorides or Urea/Prevents Re-Freeze for Hours/Won't Track with No White Powder or Residue
Malodor Destroyer Air Freshener-Restorer ...
Micro-Emulsion Detergent System/Biodegradable Foam Factored Concentrate/Cleans/Destains/ Degreases/Deodorizes/Non-Petroleum/Non-Fuming/Non-Flammable/Non-Polluting/Phosphate Free/Non-Toxic
Microflow D-200 Formula
Bio-Active Enzyme Producing Liquid Bacterial Spore Concentrate/Organic Waste and Odor Digester/Severe Carpet Odor Problems/Liquid Maintenance Treatment for Plumbing and Sewage
Colloidal Emulsifier/Non-Polluting/Removes Animal, Vegetable and Petroleum Oils and Greases, Dirt and Heavy Soil from Surfaces without the Use of Acids, Abrasives or Petroleum Solvents
Anti-Static Protective Barrier/Cleans, Polishes, Brightens, Eliminates Static Charge, Resists Marks, Fingerprints, Smudges, and Water Spots, Leaves no Hazy After-Film, CRT Displays, TV Screens, Computers, Medical Diagnostic Equipment, Electronic Units, Photo Copiers, Digital Display Consoles
Naturally Nice
Spray Odor Eliminator / Uses Natures Own Resources to Kill Odors, Destroy Unpleasant Smells, Refreshen Air/Treat Cloth or Fabric as well as the Atmosphere
Floor Conditioner/Neutralizes/Removes Film/Restores Color/No Rinse Formula/Removes Hard Water Minerals/Increases Gloss/Prevents Dulling/Removes Ice Melter Residue/Phosphate Free/ Neutral-pH7
Mildew & Mold Stain Remover/Removes Mildew Spots and Stains without Scrubbing/Ready-to-Use/Sprays Mildew Stains Away Instantly
Foam Factored Concentrate/Cleans and Brightens Metals/Descales/Delimes/Removes Fats and Oils Breaks Down Protein/Dissolves Milk Stone, Beer Stone, Phosphate and Carbonate Deposits/Removes Rust, Hard Water Scale, Soap Scum
Protective Concrete Sealer/No Solvent Odor or Flash Point/Quick Drying/Minimal Floor Preparation/Prevents Abrasion & Marking/Non-Yellowing/Spray Buffable/Excellent Chemical Resistance/No Fumes/Easy to Apply/Resists Scuffing, heal marks and dirt pick-up
Heavy Duty Carbon Remover/Powerful Foamable Concentrated Alkaline Remover of Baked-On Food and Heavy Grease Building-Up.
Penetrant & Anti--Corrosion Coating/Frees Rusted and Corroded Nuts-Bolts & Fittings/Quickly Frees Pillow Blocks, Bolts, Locks and Padlocks, Fifth Wheels, Nuts, Conveyor Systems, Shop Tools, Pipe Connections, Molds, Screwed Connections, Machine Screws and Linkage, Tool and Die Sets/Use in: Foundries, Food Plants, Airports, Public Utilities, Assembly Plants, Plumbing Shops, Hospitals, Electrical Shops, Schools
Deodorizing Drain Line Cleaner Maintainer/Phosphate Free, Biodegradable/Dissolves, Disintegrates Scale, Mineral Deposit Build-Up Imbedded in Waste Accumulation of Plumbing Traps, Pipes/Destroys Breeding Grounds of Repugnant Smells, Keeps Drains Free Flowing/Does not heat up or harm packing or fittings/Contains RR-701 inhibitor to protect pipes during treatment/FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY BY TRAINED PERSONNEL: BUILDING ENGINEERS, CHIEF CUSTODIANS, SANITARY ENGINEERS, HEAD HOUSEKEEPERS, NOT FOR RESALE
Total Finish Liquifier/Controlled Action, Mop-On, Vac-Up, Stripper/Effective Removal of All Types of Floor Finishes and Seals/Removes waxes, polymers/Enables removal of most finishes without use of floor machine, stripping pads or use of excessive labor/Totally liquifies floor finish build-up permitting removal by use of a "Wet-Vac"./Permits selective stipping of top layers
Lotion Dishwash, Lasting Suds, Powerful Grease Emulsifier/Uses: Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Institutions, Bars, Clubs, Pots, Pans, Plastic, Chinaware, Glassware, Silverware
Flotation Treatment for Grease Traps and Lift Stations/Non-Petroleum/Frees Sticking Floats & Valves/Floating Odor Seal/Powerful Mal-odor Destroyer/Counteracts Odor from Waste Decomposition/Dissolves Scum Cake/Prevents Solidification of Grease/Counteracts Foam Build-Up/Non-fuming/Non-corrosive/Add to grease traps or lift stations
Industrial Strength Biodegradable Concentrate/Non-Petroleum/Highly concentrated non-combustible surface active compound/emulsifies and breaks up grease, oil, carbon, sludge adn other stubborn soils/Prevents redeposition of oily soils during cleaning/No harsh or toxic fumes
Chemical Cleaner Removes Scale, Lime, Rust, Excess Mortar and Concrete/Used to Clean, Descale, Remove sludge from water lines, Cooling coils, Water cooling towers and transfer lines/Removes excess mortar from bricks, Cleans foundation forms and plastering tools, Removes excess concrete from wheelbarrows, mixers and trucks
Randex Penetrating Sealer #110
Penetrating Sealer for Gymnasium Floors and All Wood and Concrete/Adds Lustrous Beauty, Does Not Darken with Age, Protects Against Wear, Up to 50% More Wear Than Conventional Sealer, Shellac or Lacquer, Provides Outstanding Protection
Randex Urethane Finish #200 (Extra Heavy Duty)
Maximum High Glass, Tough, Durable, Resists Rubber Burns, Mars, Scratches and Stains, Does Not Discolor Flooring, Reflects Light Without Harsh Glare or Shadows, Hardens to Tremendous Strength and Durability, Anti-Slip, Prevents Dirt Penetration, Ideal for All Recreation Floors, High Performance on Concrete
Emulsifies to Break Up Grease, Oil, Carbon/ Penetrates Oily Films/ Does not Contain Environmentally Unsafe or Health Threatening Solvents/ Walls, Floors, Tools, Painted Surfaces, Parts, Vinyl, Formica, Plastic, Brick, Porcelain, HVAC Equipment, Filters, Desks, Fiberglass, Appliances, Lockers, Machinery, Metal Surfaces, Washrooms, Range Hoods, Ceramic Tile, Grout
Cleaner Concentrate/Will Clean, Delime, Descale and Remove Rust from Shower Stalls, Drinking Fountains, Cofee Urns, Steam Tables, Sterilizers, Bed Pans and Bed Urinals, Fiberglass, Swimming Pool Walls, Scuppers & Drains, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Ceramic Tile Walls, Ceramic Tile Floors, Toilet Bowls, Urinals
Extraction and Bonnet Cleaning Concentrate/Phosphate Free, Non-Filming, Free Rinsing, Biodegradable, Non-Polluting/Removes Dirt, Stains, Grease/Extends Carpet Life, Helps Retard Soiling, Destroys Odors, Contains Optical Brighteners
Spot and Stain Remover for Carpeting, Rugs, Upholstery, Clothing, Fabric/Removes Coffee, Grease, Grass, Iodine, Tea, Soft Drinks, Wine, Blood, Chocolate, Liquor, Lipstick, Food, Oil, Betadine, Ice Cream, Ink, Ketchup, Raw Egg, Latex Paint, Fruit Juices, Urine, Pet Waste
Concrete & Asphalt Formula/Non-Combustible Emulsifier/Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner Formulated for Fast Penetration Emulsification and Removal of Heavy, Greasy Soil Build-ups/Use on Warehouse Floors, Airport Runways, Loading Docks, Catwalks & Ramps, Driveways, Dumpster Refuse Areas, Lubrication Bays, Vehicle Maintenance Areas, Parking Lots, Bank & Fast Food Drive-Thru Lanes, Industrial Equipment, Transportation
Right On Mechanic's Formula
Mechanic's Formula Paroclan fortified Anti-Microbial Biodegradable Antiseptic with Aloe Vera & Lanolin/Liquid Waterless Mechanic's Formula Hand Cleaner/Safely and Quickly Removes Stains and Residue of Adhesives, Carbon, Graphite, Cements, Dyes, Moly, Glue, Asphalt, Grease, Grime, Paint, Tar, Printers Ink, Putty, Resins, Sludge, Stains, Mastic
Right On
Paroclan fortified Anti-Microbial Biodegradable Antiseptic with Aloe Vera & Lanolin/Liquid Waterless Antiseptic Hand Cleaner/Safely and Quickly Removes Stains and Residue of Adhesives, Carbon, Graphite, Cements, Dyes, Moly, Glue, Asphalt, Grease, Grime, Paint, Tar, Printers Ink, Putty, Resins, Sludge, Stains, Mastic
Cleaner, Brightener, Destainer, Deodorizer/Use on Bathtubs, Washbasins, Stainless Steel, Metal Hardware, Whitewall Tires, Cement Floors, Fiberglass Tubs, Shower Stalls, Formica, Aluminum, Glass, Porcelain Enamel Stoves, Freezers, Washers, Dryers, Swimming pools, Painted Surfaces, Chrome Fixtures, Ceramic Walls & Floors, Whirlpools & Spas, Terrazzo, Vinyl, Copper/Brightens, Deodorizes, Polishes in one operation
Odor Control Clean-Up Compound/Chemically Treated Granules Formulated Into a Highly Effective Compound for Absorbing and Deodorizing Vomitus, Pet Accidents, Urine, Fecal Matter and Putrifying and Decomposing Material of all Types/When using Sanasorb in known or potential HIV and other blood borne pathogen situations, follow pick-up with an HIV disinfectant/virucide such as Rexford Rand's Healthy Habit and follow the label instructions.
Sanasorb Clean-Up Pak
This Carton Contains Instructions for Using Sanasorb and Disposable Accessories, Disposable Gloves, Pick Up Spatulas with Shaped Handles, Black Disposable Bags with Twist Ties, Red Biohazard Labeled Disposal Bags with Twist Ties
Condensor Coil Cleaner-Restorer, Micronic Emulsifier/Scientifically Formulated to Eliminate Soils through Micronic Emulsification and Decrease Energy Use by Restoring Like New Efficiency to Air Conditioning and Heating Systems of All Kinds/Quickly Cleans Coils Without Agitation or Scrubbing
Extra Heavy Duty Liquid Steam Cleaner Designed to be Used on Iron and Steel Surfaces/Highly Concentrated, Cuts Caked-On Dirt, Degreases Powerfully, Prevent Coil Clogging, Inhibits Rust, Non-Fuming/Use On Engines, Machinery, Equipment, Metal Parts, Lifts and Racks, Hangars, Trucks, Trucks/Cables/Use In Food Plants, Repair Shops, Mining Operations, Industrial Plants, Construction Firms, Municipalities, Garages
Super Relium
Non-Fuming Concentrate Restorer, Rejuvenator, Stain Remover/Removes Soap Scum, Lime Soap Deposits, algae, Rust, Black Fungal Stain, Plumber's Stone, Cleans Grout, Black Rings, Heavy Soil, Oil and Mineral Deposits/Restores and rejuvenates Ceramic Tile, Shower Stalls, Old Terrazzo, Bradley Sinks, Toilet Bowls and urinals
Super-Shield 25+
Polymer Acrylic Emulsion Flexible Floor Finish Urethane Fortified/Super Hard, Durable, Slip Resistant, Mirror-Like Deep Luster, Resists Spills, Abrasion & Black Marking, Non-Toxic, Water Resistant/Flexible Films do not Crack, Peel or Yellow/Is Free-flowing and Self-Leveling/Gives Exceptional Coverage of 1500 to 2500 square feet per gallon depending on the Condition and Porosity of the Floor
Professional Formula Extra-Strength Mop-On Vac-Up Stripper/Extremely Powerful Stripper Formulated to Remove Finishes "Hardened" by High-Speed or Spray Buffing, Old Multi-Layer Build-up or any Finish that does not respond to Regular Strippers
A Balanced Silicone Based Chemical Complex for Effective De-foaming for Descaling Boilers and Cooling Towers, Carpet Extraction Recovery Tanks, Laundry Operations, Sewage Treatment Systems, Wherever Foam Control is Required
Professional Drain Line Opener/Chemically Inhibited, Ready to Use - No Mixing, Works Instantly, No Caking in Lines, No Searing Caustic Dust, Preventive and Corrective Drain Line Opener, Uses: Sinks, Floor Drains, Grease Traps, Septic Tanks, Laundry Tubs, Urinals, Toilets, Drinking Fountains, Cesspools/Quickly Opens Clogged Drains and Traps by Dissolving Fats, Grease, Sanitary Napkins, Cloth, Soap, Hair, and other Organic Matter.  Will not affect Septic Tanks and Cesspools
No Rinse Chiller Coil Cleaner-Restorer/Non-Acid Surfactant System, Restores Cooling Efficiency to Dirty Coils, Quickly Cleans Coils without Agitation or Scrubbing, Removes Even the Heaviest Atmospheric Deposits, Cuts Through Energy Robbing Deposits to Help Cut Air Conditioning Costs, Cleans Chiller Coils Automatically, Flushes Away Cold-Robbing Soils, Grease, Lime, etc, Inhibits Corrosion, Completely Water Soluble
Lotionized Antiseptic Liquid Soap, Hospital Quality, Paroclan Fortified/For use in Hospital, Clinics, Health Clubs, Shower Rooms, Emergency Centers, Ambulance Services, Day Care Centers, Retirement Homes, Theaters, Rest Stops, Public Rest Rooms, Schools, Institutions, Industrial Washrooms, Food Processing Plants, Restaurants, Motels-Hotels, Offices, Factories, Nursing Homes/Extremely Mild, Emollient without Oiliness, Moisturizing, Free Rinsing, Performs in Hard Water, Environmentally Safe, Highly Concentrated, Won't Clog Dispensers, Excellent Flow, Stable in Storage
Totally Destroys Obnoxious Musty, Sour Odors, Smoke, Mildew, Mold, Vomit, Urine, Feces, Garbage, Putrefication, Decay, Pet Waste, Skunk, Sweat, Sewage, Cancer/Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Non-Oily, and will not Stain/Eliminates Offensive Odors on Contact with an Extremely Wide Variety of Surfaces under the most Extreme Conditions/Used in Laundry Operations for Freshening Bed Linens, Table Linens, Uniforms, etc./Odor Elimination in Manufacturing and Processing Operations
Valid #2
Osmotic Action Ends the Embarrassment of a Feculent, Putrescent Atmosphere, Broad Spectrum Odor Elimination/Destroys Odors of Urine, Feces, Vomit, Sweat, Pet Waste, Cancer, Smoke, Mold, Fish, Garlic, Onions, Skunk/Combats Airborne and Surface Odors on Contact for Effective Broad Band Spectrum Elimination of Unacceptable Noxious Mal-Odors


Instant Removal and Flush of Contaminants from Deep Inside Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Coil Fins/Aids in Removing Contaminants from Drip Pans and Drain Lines/Flushing Improves Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning and Heating Units/Air Conditioners, Heating Coils, Ice Makers, Cold Storage Compartments, Refrigerators, Freezers, Refrigerated or Frozen Cargo Containers, Hand Dryers
Air Strike
Kills Yellow Jackets, Kills Hornets, Kills Spiders, Kills Wasps, Kills Bees, Contains No CFCs or other Ozone Depleting Substances
Powerful, Thick, Clinging Foam Removes Greases, Dust, Dirt, Tobacco Residue, Stains and Odors Associated with Mold and Fungus from Air Conditioner and Heater Coil Fins/Strong Directional Spray Forces Foam into Coil Air Spaces/Bio Enzymatic Action Attacks Mold and Fungus Stains/ Radiators, Roof Heating and Cooling Units, Wall and Window Units, Ventilators, Dryers, Ice Machines and Refrigerators
Clear Lustre
Glass Cleaner and Lusterizer, No Streaks, No Haze, No Residue, Anti-Static/Environmentally Acceptable Propellant will Not Affect Stratospheric Ozone/Ammonia Free, Spray It On-Wipe It Off Windows, Mirrors, Freezers, CRT Displays, TV Screens, Computers, Formica, Showcases, Plastic, Refrigerators, Leather, Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Windshields, Lexan
Ded-Sect Formula 2001
Flying and Crawling Insecticide, A Combination of Insecticides Offering Quick Knockdown and Residual Kill of Crawling Insects for Up to 4 Weeks/For Use in Non-Food Areas Indoors and Outside Premises of Hotels, Motels, Food Handling Establishments, Packaging and Processing Plants, Dairies, Egg Processing Plants, Restaurants, Bottling Plants, Canneries and Bakeries
All Purpose Silicone Spray Lubricant, Heat Table, A Wide Temperature Range, Lubricates, Preserves, Insulates, Stainless, Odorless, Colorless, Non-Gummy, Non-Freezing, Non-Melting/Recommended for Newspapers, Hospitals, Fabricators, Offices, Contractors, Municipalities, Schools, Truck Lines, Molders, Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Food Processors, Packagers, Bowling Alleys, Printers
Graffix #2
Extra Strength Graffiti Stripper/Formulated for Strip Removal of Acrylic Paint, Ball Point Ink, Crayon, Epoxy Paint, Eyeshadow, Felt Tip Ink, Flat Paint, Grease, Grease Paint, Heel Marks, Ink, Lipstick, Make-Up, Marker Pen, Oil Paint, Oil Spills, Racquet Ball Marks, Roofing Tar, Spray Paint, Scuff Marks, Tape Residue, Varnish, Wax/Removes Almost Everything From Almost Anything
Penetrant & Anti-Corrosion Coating/Frees Rusted and Corroded Nuts-Bolts & Fittings/Frees Pillow Blocks, Bolts, Locks and Padlocks, Fifth Wheels, Nuts, Conveyor Systems, Shop Tools, Pipe Connections, Molds, Screwed Connections, Machine Screws and Linkage, Tool and Die Sets/Use in Foundries, Food Plants, Airports, Public Utilities, Assembly Plants, Plumbing Shops, Hospitals, Electrical Shops, Schools
Germicidal Cleaner & Deodorant/Kills HIV-1 (AIDS VIRUS) and Herpes Simplex Type 1&2 Viruses on Pre-Cleaned Environmental Surfaces/Objects Previously Soiled with Blood/Body Fluids/Broad-Spectrum Activity Virucidal,Fungicidal, Bactericidal, Pseudomonicidal, Staphylocidal/Controls Mold/Mildew (Specific species/agents listed on back panel of label.
White Acoustical Ceiling Tile Restorer/Covers Water Stains, Covers Smoke Discoloration, Will Not Cause Warping, Quick Dry, For Industrial and Institutional Use Only
Hospital Disinfectant Deodorant/Kills HIV-2 (AIDS Virus), Herpes Simplex Virus Types 1 and 2, Polio Virus Types 1 and 2, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella choleraesuis, Trichophyton interdigitale, Aspergillus niger, Tubercule bacilli and Influenza A2/Hong Kong Virus on inanimate environmental surfaces
Residual Roach & Ant Killer/ Kills Crawling Insects, Kills Roaches, Ants, Silverfish, Crickets, Spiders, Carpet Beetles, Scorpions and Waterbugs when Used as Directed Long Lasting and Economical


Quantum Formula, ATA, Colloidal Stain Remover Professional Formula, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants - No Waste, Non-Petroleum, Non-flammable, Biodegradable/Virtually all traces of most kinds of stains will be quickly removed from virtually every kind of fiber fabric or surface. Permanent marker, Coffee, Grease, Grass, Iodine, Make-up, Ink, Tea, Blood, Chocolate, Liquor, Urine, Pet Waste, Crayon, Shoe Polish, Food, Oil
Clear Lite
Optical Quality Cleaner-Brightener, Non-Ammoniated, Non-Filming, Non-Foaming, Haze Free, Streak Free, Anti-Static/Used for Window Glass, Mirrors, CRT Displays, TV Screens, Fluorescent Fixtures, Show Cases, Chandeliers, Counter Tops, Appliances, Vinyl, Plastic, Formica, Ceramic
ATA, Cools Metal Surfaces, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants-No Waste, Multi-Purpose Collant Lubricant for Cutting-Tapping-Broaching, Fortified with Teflon/Cools Stainless Steeles, Chrome-Moly, Vanadium Steels, Carbon Steels, Inconel, Nitralloy Steel, Aluminum, Aluminum Alloys, Monel, Posphor, Bronze, Hastelloy Alloys, Titanium, Berylium-Copper and other related alloys
Grafix #4
ATA, Quick-Response Foam Factored Graffiti Remover, No Volatile Solvents, No Toxic Fumes/ Removes Ball Point Ink, Crayon, Eyeshadow, Marker Pens, Felt Tip Ink, Flat Paint, Grease Pens, Heel Marks, Lipstick, Make-up, Ink, Oil Spills, Grease, Scuff Marks, Tape Residue, Tire Marks
Stainless Steel Polish, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants-No Waste/Formulated for use on all Forms of Stainless Steel as well as on Most Decorative Metals, Plastics, and Laminated Surfaces
ATA, Stainless Steel Cleaner Polish, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants-No Waste, Cleans, Polishes and Brightens, Resists Marks, Fingerprints, Smudges, Safe on Plastics & Laminated Surfaces, Leaves No Hazy After Film
ATA Chemical Dust Controller, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants-No Waste, Prevents Germ-Filled Dust from Scattering, Anti-Static, Anti-Bonding/Controls Dust Chemically, Traps and Holds it by neutralizing the electrostatic charge
Residual with Dursban/ A Combination of Insecticides Offering Residual Kill of Cockroaches for Up to 4 Weeks/ For Residual and Contact Control of Cockroaches, (Waterbugs) Crickets, Silverfish (Firebrats) Clover Mites, Centipedes, Millipedes, Earwigs, Sowbugs (Pillbugs), Spiders, Brown Dog Ticks, Lone Star Ticks, Ants, Fire Ants, Carpet Beetles, Fleas, Boxelder Bugs, Scorpions, Spider Beetles, Bed Bugs, House Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Flying Moths, Confused Flour Beetles, Sawtoothed Grain Beetles, Shiny Spider Beetles, Grain Mites, Red Flour Beetles, Angoumois Grain Moths, Grain Weevils, Indian Meal Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Lesser Grain Borers, Cigarette Beetles, Drug Store Beetles, Chocolate Moths, Clothes Moths
ATA Safety Solvent Dielectric, Non-Conductive, Non-Corrosive, Law Toxicity, Controlled Evaporation Rate, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants-No Waste/Cleans Without Equipment Shutdown or Disassembly/Has Dielectric Strength above 50,000 volts/cm.
ATA Polydimethyl Siloxane Lubricant/Release Agent, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants-No Waste, No Ozone Depleting Substances/Heat Stable over a Wide Temperature Range, Lubricates, Preserves, Insulates, Stainless, Odorless, Colorless, Non-Gummy, Non-Freezing, Non-Melting, Non-Flammable, Anti-Stick, Anti-Bonding/Penetrates Deeply to Eliminate Annoying Squeaks and Sticking/Repels Water and Ice and Retards Rust and Corrosion
ATA, Chalkboard Restorer, Dustless Board Maintainer, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants-No Waste, Non-Glare, Oil Free, Soft Surface, Writable Immediately, Markedly Improves Contrast, Improves Erasability, Reduces Chalk Dusting, Does Not Cause Streaking
Liqui-Snow ATA
Provides instant action on ice, snow and frost, Prevents ice build-up and penetrates ice and snow quickly, Works below freezing, Non-corrosive to all metals, Contains no chlorides or urea, Prevents re-freeze for hours
ATA Industrial Strength For Electrical Equipment Restoration and Corrosion Protection, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants-No Waste, No Ozone Depleting substances/Restores Electric Current to Water Damages Equipment, Displaces Water Moisture, Improves Conductive Electric Properties, Penetrates Seals and Lubricates All surfaces, Protects Against Corrosion and Rust, Non-Flammable
ATA Penetrant & Anti-Corrosion coating Fortified with Teflon, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants-No Waste, No Ozone Depleting Substances, Quickly Frees Rusted and Corroded Nuts-Bolts & Fittings, Non-Flammable/Quickly Penetrates to Free Pillow Blocks, Nuts and Bolts, Locks and Padlocks, Key Ways, Conveyor Systems, Shop Tools, Pipe Connections, Molds, Threaded Connections, Machine Screws, Linkage, Tool and Die Sets, Pins, Bushings, Pulleys, Valve Stems, etc.
ATA Cleaner-Degreaser, Non-Pressurized 100% Fill No Propellants-No Waste, Industrial Strength Non-Polluting Biodegradable Citrus Emulsifier/Thoroughly Cleans Walls, Floors, Tools, Scales, Painted Surfaces, Parts, Plastic, Brick, Porcelain, Stoves and Hoods, Floor Tile, Lathes, Tool Bins, Fork Lifts, Vinyl, Appliances, Chrome, Machinery Parts/Non-Flammable, Non-Fuming, Free Rinsing, Non-Explosive, Non-Petroleum, Non-Hazardous, Biodegradable
Treatment for Fine Furniture; Fortified with Prime Carnauba Wax; Renews, Restores, Polishes, Preserves; Furniture, Woodwork, Leather, Paneling, Plastic, Formica, Enamel, Vinyl, Repels Water Spots, Resists Smears, Heals Minor Scratches, Lusterizes, Restores Finish Sheen, Imparts a Protective Coating, Conditions Open Grained Surfaces
Dry Erase Board Cleaner/Non-Pressurized 100% Fill, No Propellants, No Waste/Smudge Free, Non Glare, Ends "Ghost" Marks
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